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Diese Tracks können stundenlang in einer Repeatschleife gehört werden:
These Tracks are bearable for Hours(Days?):

(alle persönlich darauf getestet)[wann]
(every track is personally tested)[when]

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Joe And Will Ask? Remix) - The Human League reminds me when I read HdR (or LOTR) for the 1st time. [22.08.2008]
I Want Nothing - The Black Ghosts (namely the Frankmusik Rmx) and all other new songs from this Best Band(right now)s LP [end 06.2008]
With Every Heartbeat [w.Kleerup]- Robyn jep, I needed (2) long, but it was the hår [mid 06.2008]
Chemtrails - Beck he's back, it seems? [12.06.2008]
Red Socks Pugie - Foals one of these perfekt illusional songs [early 06.2008]
Le solei est près de moi - Air rediscovered & reloved [05.2008]
By The Time (Mondkopf Remix) - Grand National starts easy, but evolves (and it's NO reggae!) [04.02.2008]
Weird Fishes/Arpeggio/Reckoner/Josegonzales in our Nature - Radiohead though both lps in a list [22.10.2007]
Melody Day (Four Tet Remix) ft. Luke LaLonde, Adem & One Little Plane - Caribou there might be a small hope anyplace - maybe [29.07.2007]
It's the Beat - Simian Mobile Disco though it's a kind of an 'Pump up the Jam'-Update, but very contemporary [0x.03.2007]
Atlas - Marc Romboy Vs Stephan Bodzin oh my god, i'm still totally in Teschno [0x.03.2007]
I Built This City (Michael Mayer Mix) - Baxendale oh my god, i'm totally in Teschno [16.02.2007]
Chicago - Sufjan Stevens wg. des Namens hielt ich ihn imma für ne Art Blunt, oder Jussuf...aber eher oft 'n guter Stereolab Epigone [01.2007]
Les Violons Ivres - Agoria nice, like 'la ritournelle', but it hurts too [01.2007]
La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Magic Wand Mix) - Sebastian Tellier dreamydreamydreamy [hiver.2006/07]
Ride The Pony - Fuckpony very sleazy, but that seems to be 'IT' [08.2006]
Too Much Love - LCD Soundsystem god-murphy(keeps-u-up-at-night)s comment to 'Once In A Lifetime' [08.2006]
So Glad To See You - Hot Chip i dont get all the words, yet, but i feeel it will fit [14-16.07.2006]
Just Like We (Breakdown) (DFA Remix) - Hot Chip very worth mentioning them, too [06/07.2006]
North - Phoenix oh, its an instru-mental! [09.05.2006]
Der Fluß - Blumfeld oh, its 2+ years ago! [04&05.2006]
l.fading hills - hood turns not evryone, but me [03&04.2006]
so long - seba + lo-tec this is It. [02&03.2006]
In This Home On Ice - CYHSY yeah I'm late... and its some old song too, but don't know which one, yet [01.03.2006]
The Matter - Boom Bip reminds me of fsa, but well... [15/17.12.2005]
Le Ritournelle - Sebastien Tellier don't know if it works, but its nice [07/8.11.2005]
Marching bands of Manhattan - Death Cab for Cutie lovely to drown [29.09.2005]
Mandarine Girl - Booka Shade but i miss a voice for perfection [10.08.2005]
Paint Work - The Fall a real spoiling drifter [then and 06.2005]
Geschwindigkeit des Klangs - Kaltspiel the rest is sugarcoated schmalz [06.2005]
Leave Me Alone - New Order no order [then and 06.2005]
How beautiful you are ... - Cure [see shirt print] vgl. Frühling - Hund am Strand (embarrassing or on purpose?) [then in 1987]
This Modern Love - Bloc Party. [see blocshirt print] aber 'So Here We Are (Four Tet Rmx)' is more than beautifully too [04.2005]
F.K.O. (B. Fleischmann Remix) - Subtle still perfekt to sing along/e [13.03.2005]
You Remind me of Home - Benjamin Gibbard we all like to hear legitimate reproaches, do we?[02.2005]
so the opener is the climax too: Who's Joe? - New Order for the comfort of the formerly known[28.02.2005]
it's a bit embarrassing, i know: 2 Fragen - Klee because of/despite the New Order Bass and the sadness[13.12.2004]
F.K.O. (B. Fleischmann Remix) - Subtle perfekt to sing along - thx to the mono_kid[31.10.2004]
Keep What You Got - Ian Brown although it reminds me of Blondies 'Call Me', should you follow this line?[24-??.10.2004]
The Bucket - Kings of Leon possibly, i become senile?[10.2004]
Wenn man im Atmen innehält - Kante changing of the guard 'Hi,freaks'?[09.2004]
Failure (Radio Edit! 3:27) - Kings of Convenience with more brass: perfect...[09.09.2004]
Progression Session 6 - LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad i confess, but i'm honest. (more than 24h and your brain is working different)[33.KW.2004]
Maps - YeahYeahYeahs (...they dont love you like i love you...) there's beauty in noise too[07/08.08.2004]
Intuition - Feist, Leslie (one of) the songs, that you wanna hear at the end of the Last [07.2004]
Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie ep(oet)ic, now we know the origin of the Sea [06.2004]
Know How - Kings Of Convenience feist is great, and the song is gorgeous [early 06.2004]
Our Mutual Friend - The Divine Comedy "real big Cinema" [03.2004]
Check the Meaning - Richard Ashcroft but beware of the edit, it must be 8:04 ! [02.2004, summer 2003, too]
Margerine Melody - Stereolab and its still in my head, all the parts...[ 31.01.2004]
Caught by the River - The Doves [End of 11.2003]
The Wreck of... - The (real) Dandy Warhols [10/11.2003]
Morning Paracetamol - Ulrich Schnauß [09.2003]
Der Sturm - Blumfeld [09.2003]
In A Room - Dodgy (they aren't one of the most brilliant bands, but this one was shiny)[09.2003]
Kid A - Radiohead [10.2000]
Up with people - Lambchop [2000]
L. A. Rain - The Rose Of Avalanche [must've been 1985]
How Soon Is now - The Smiths [back then]